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Audiotec began in 2007, when other analog audio manufacturers stopped supporting and supplying analog audio systems. Parts like the 9A1825 Dukane Relay Switch Bank were hard to procure, and a team of engineers familiar with analog audio systems partnered with Quam-Nichols from Chicago to develop a replacement audio switch bank, the RSP1.

Over time most industries shifted to networks and IP devices. Soon the Audiotec engineers had developed a point-to-point audio over IP tunnel. Distributing audio over the network was much more efficient than point-to-point dedicated fiber channels and digital audio provided a much more robust and clearer audio solution between buildings and long-haul runs. '

In 2017-2018 the Audiotec team realized the value in the audio over IP tunnel, and started investing in open source, fully functional, detention grade, IP audio system. In conversations with installers of corrections grade intercom system, installers like CML (Colorado), it was determined a market existed. In 2020, Audiotec contacted Quam-Nichols again, forged another partnership to manufacture and ship an IP Field Intercom. Currently, Quam-Nichols manufactures the faceplate, speaker, and push button and Audiotec manufactures the Audio over IP-Printed Circuit Board and assembles and tests the final product. Audiotec is proud to be a part of the parent technology company TECZZ, LLC.

Audiotec's mission is to produce a simple, readily available, US engineered and manufactured,  reliable VoIP SIP detention grade intercom system meeting the demands of multiple high-security markets. This is what we are passionate about. 

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